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Customer Relationship Management

Good relationship management with customers is integral for any successful business, particularly in the real estate sector.

Design Your Team

Building a successful real estate team is vital for transactions. Assemble specialists like agents, brokers, appraisers, lawyers, and inspectors for an effective collaboration.

Manage Real Estate Inquiries

Managing real estate investments demands a skilled team—knowledgeable local manager, adept agents, and attorneys. This ensures legal compliance and successful assessments, streamlining the process for efficiency.

Easy to Get Started

Embarking on real estate investing is more accessible today with abundant online resources. Alongside personal research and guidance from mentors, engaging in relationship-building activities is key for successful investments.

Building Real Estate Portfolio for Growth

Investing fosters portfolio growth by owning appreciating assets, be it residential or commercial. Diversify your investments to mitigate risk, spreading financial exposure for long-term benefits.

We Have the Relationships

Effective real estate management requires a delicate balance of relationships among owners, tenants, investors, and service providers. Success hinges on nurturing and maintaining these crucial connections.

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We met Dominick about a year ago to buy a property after several years of renting. He has a relaxed personality and a good sense of what and how much information makes sense. Very patient to allow you to understand the market and options and sharp enough to fill in spots that you may have missed. Very responsive, on time, and most importantly, on point. No fluff but good insight enabling you to make a mo...

— Buyer


Mr. Rivera is a top-notch individual. He took on a daunting task with an estate sale I had with city liens and other issues. It took a year, but Dominick never wavered in his resolve to see the job done. We got an excellent price and even got the city liens reduced to tolerable amounts. I would highly recommend this young go-getter to help you with your property needs.

— Seller


I had the pleasure of working with Dominick for both selling my property and buying a new one and I couldn’t have been happier. In out first meeting he told me he’d hold my hand through the whole process and that he did! No concern or question went unanswered. His knowledge and expertise made the experience stress-free!

— Buyer & Seller

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